Hi, and welcome to my website! I am an Urban Planner originally from the UK, but now living and working in Illinois. I’m also a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador. The buttons below will take you to my blog posts about those topics. Urban Planning includes news and updates from my professional life, NASA Solar System Ambassador features posts about my volunteer work, and “Personal Blog” contains just about everything else.

About Phil

Phil is a community focused Urban Planner. Born and raised in England, Phil earned a Masters of Civic Design in Town & Regional Planning from the University of Liverpool, the only university with this award . He currently works as the Village Planner in the Village of Woodridge, IL, splitting his time between site plan review, economic development, policy proposals, and community engagement efforts.

In his spare time, Phil is a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador, where he combines his public speaking and presentation skills with in-depth training from NASA to bring the magic of space exploration to life for audiences across the Chicagoland area. He is also active in the Illinois chapter of the American Planning Association, where he serves as Vice Chair of the Membership Committee, and previously served as Chair of Social Events for the 2020 virtual state conference.